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Bryce Gilmore

Book : Trading to Win Course

In 2002, we released our 1st edition of Trading to Win as a summary of everything that had gone before. This book is now into its 2nd edition, but it is one of our best publications and is highly recommended. Our students often refer to this book as “the bible”.

A comprehensive and specific trading instruction for real time low risk intra-day trading setups based on MARKET GEOMETRY, PATTERN, VOLUME & MOMENTUM in the S&P Emini or other futures markets.

The TTW course manual now comprises 347 pages of instruction, specific trading patterns, geometric examples and a simplyfied guide to my XABCD (Geometric Patterns) approach to low risk trading.

This course is for professionals but will give the novice an accellerated introduction to the inner workings of the today’s markets.

This manual provides you with a plan and a specific instruction on how to execute when new trading opportunities are signalled. There are approximately 5 or 6 very reliable opportunities per day working with a three to five minute price series.

My approach does not involve systems that rely on lagging indicators or make believe ideas – I have set ups that work more times than they fail. Everything is specific and to the point. This manual demonstrates how to trade like a professional without guessing. My approach allows for trading both the long and the short side of the market on a daily basis using a tight money management approach.

You will never find another trading approach as detailed or as flexible as the one I teach to my students. This course will also instruct you in the underlying knowledge you need to know to mix it with the professionals involved in this business.


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