Trading with Median Lines: Mapping the Markets

A hard to find practical application of Andrew’s Pitchfork for trading the markets. The author is a practicing trader. The course walks through actual trades using Median Lines aka Andrew’s Pitchfork

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Timothy Morge

Book : Trading with Median Lines: Mapping the Markets

Median Lines, or “Pitchforks” as they are often called, are powerful trading tools developed in the “Golden Age” of Technical Analysis by Dr. Alan Andrews, an investment analyst and educator with an engineering degree from MIT. Most charting packages include at least the “traditional” Median Line or “Pitchfork” study in their drawing tools, but have little or no reference material available. In fact, there is very little material available about these powerful tools and what materials are available can seem obscure and difficult to understand.

Trading with Median Lines is a new book that gives you what you’ll need to start down the road to mastering these powerful trading tools. The book begins with a detailed history of the Median Line and those three great market technicians responsible for its development: Roger Babson, Alan Andrews and George Marechal.

It then details the various types of Median Lines and shows detailed  charts that give step-by-step instructions for drawing and using each of the Median Line types. Each chart in this book is drawn the same way you’d hand draw a chart rather than by using a “canned” drawing tool–and the addition of each line is shown–so that no matter how you draw any of the Median Line types, you’ll see, step by step, how to draw them. This book is visually intense in nature, because that is the best way to learn about charts and drawing tools.

Once the various Median Line types are fully explained, the other essential Median Line tools are introduced, in the same step by step detail. Trade examples are given throughout the book as each set of tools is introduced. Finally, a handful of more advanced topics are explored in detail and then a more complex set of trades are shown, using some of these advanced techniques. The book features more than 125 full-page charts.



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