Trend Trading System(Oct.2016) – Simpler Stocks

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Video Course : Trend Trading System(Oct.2016) – Simpler Stocks

This course is an addition (you can call it bonus) to the main course   Simpler Stocks – Trend Trading System

What are you going to learn?

1. How to setup your charts in TS and ToS.

2. How to identify 5BP and PD signals.

3. How to set and move proper stops.

4. The exits for profit.

5. Money Management.

6. How to use the Excel Worksheet.

7. Learn how to identify the 100% line

8. Learn how to setup trades in TS and ToS

9. Learn Tuckers Daily Routine

10. Learn how to chose the higher probability trades

11. How to use the system trading Options

12. Develop EOD Trading Plan

People that master the system

1. Can identify resistance and support.

2. They know that resistance and support are their friends.

3. Did back testing to learn the trades and the system.

4. Do not over trade and can pick their trades wisely.

5. Follow the mechanical system and apply logic and

common sense to develop their own trading style.

6. Paper trade until they are comfortable with the system

and their trading platform.

7. Master the above to become a comfortable, confident

trader that can manage their emotions.

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