Your Next Great Stock: How to Screen the Market for Tomorrow’s Top Performers


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Jack Hough

Book : Your Next Great Stock: How to Screen the Market for Tomorrow’s Top Performers

A comprehensive look at how to profit from the power of stockscreening

With thousands of stocks to choose from, how can you find thebest ones to invest in? Simple: start with a handful of clues thattend to predict outstanding returns, and then search the entiremarket in seconds for stocks that are producing those clues. That’sstock screening, and it’s the best way—the only way,really—to consistently beat the market.

Written by experienced investment journalist Jack Hough, YourNext Great Stock reveals the most powerful screen strategies ever produced. The strategies are easy to follow. If you haveInternet access and can balance a checkbook, you can find winning stocks with this book as your guide. You’ll learn how to find young companies poised for explosive growth, mature companies whose true profit potential is temporarily hidden, and more. Stop relying on overrated stock tips. Start using proven screening strategies to find your next great stock.


From the Inside Flap

Tomorrow’s top-performing stocks are giving off clues today. Theworld’s most successful investors don’t wait to stumble upon thoseclues; they find them by searching the entire market in secondsusing a process called stock screening. Now, with Your Next GreatStock, author Jack Hough shows you how to use this proven processto locate stocks that are poised to outperform.

Too many investors use a company-by-company approach to stockinvesting. They collect tips from friends or financialprofessionals and base buying decisions on anecdotes rather thanevidence. That approach rarely works. Your Next Great Stock willshow you a better way. You’ll size up more stocks in less time andfind bargains that other investors haven’t yet discovered.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Your NextGreat Stock outlines a “Sherlock Holmes” approach to investing. Ituses the power of stock screening to uncover and interpretimportant clues as to where a company and its stock may be headed.Along the way, you’ll also learn which combinations of clues aremost likely to produce winning stocks.

Divided into four parts, Your Next Great Stock:

  • Covers the essential elements of stock investing andscreening
  • Examines more than a dozen powerful stock-screeningstrategies—from the Impatient Value screen to the Follow theLeaders screen—that Hough has “shamelessly stolen” from theworld’s best financial minds
  • Discusses how to pick the likeliest winners from your stockscreen results
  • Reveals where to find today’s best stock-screeningtools—most are free or inexpensive
  • And much more

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Your NextGreat Stock is perfect for both new and experienced investors whorefuse to rely on the outdated suggestions of co-workers or brokerswhen looking to make money in the markets. With this book as yourguide, you’ll quickly discover how combining a fact-based investingapproach with today’s screening technology can put you on a realpath to profits.

Don’t forget to visit to run free online screens based on some of the strategies covered in this book.


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