Sepharial on the Markets W.D Gann


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Book : Sepharial on the Markets W.D Gann

In the following pages I have given some valuable hints to those who are able to invest their money and take their dividends. They will be able, with the assistance of my book, to buy cheaply and to clear out before prices
recede from the highest. It is not to be supposed that I give away any of my keys which constitute the “Arcana,” and which can only be had under agreement of a binding nature, but the reader will be able to take advantage of genuine information contained in the pages of “The Law of Values,” at whatsoever time he is in a position to put money in a lock-up investment. Of the actual working value of this system there can be no doubt whatsoever, for illustrations are given showing the application of the principles involved to the actual state of the markets according to official returns. With these figures there can be no cavilling, and when it is further shown that the same factors are repeatedly followed by the same effects, not in one part of the world only, but in every part whose financial interests are represented on the Stock Exchange, there can be only one conclusion, and that undoubtedly will be in favour of Astrology as the master-key to
safe and profitable investment.

This is my second contribution to Astrology as a financial science, and I have been induced to write the book in the belief that the sooner we bring the science down from the clouds, where would-be Esotericists have incontinently hurried it, the sooner it will be gain a proper recognition in a practical world. Later, when it is found by the man in the street to have a body and consistency, and that it can talk his own language, doubtless he will be the readier to admit that it has also a soul and can be studied from an entirely different point of view with equal benefit to the intellectual and spiritual man as it has proved useful to the material and physical man. The point need not be laboured. To those who profess Astrology I would say, feed those who are in the nursery, give them a material grip on the practical side of things, and keep your academics for the forum. What is the binomial theorem to children who can only appreciate what they can see and handle? There is an orderly process of development in thought which should be followed in all our schools, and which passes from science to philosophy, and from philosophy to ethics.


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